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国家神经疾病医学中心National Center for Neurological Disorders

中国国际神经科学研究所China International Neuroscience Institute

国家老年疾病临床医学研究中心National Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases

research laboratory

The Institute of cerebrovascular diseases of Capital Medical University

The Institute of cerebrovascular dis…

The Institute of cerebrovascular diseases of Capital Medical University was founded in 2001, and Professor Ling Feng was appointed as director. Since its beginning, the Institute has been devoting itself to the basic and clinical research of cerebrovascular diseases for more than 10 years. Relying on Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, one of the founding bases of Neurology in China, it integrates neurosurgery, neurology… MORE

Preliminary Research Office

The Department of Neurobiology

The Department of Neurobiology

Department of Neurobiology was established in 2000 with the return of oversea scholars lead by Dr Piu Chan, consisting of several research groups, led by well trained senior researchers with overseas study experiences. The major direction of the department is neurodegenerative diseases, with special focus on Parkinson's disease. Systemic studies on Parkinson's disease have been conducted in the department, which involve the… MORE

clinical laboratory

 Cardiovascular Laboratory

Cardiovascular Laboratory

The Cardiovascular Laboratory of Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University is established in 1983. Under the leadership of Professor Wang Jiarui and Hua Qi, it undertakes the research on cardiovascular diseases, focusing on the pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of hypertension, metabolic syndrome and coronary heart disease in recent years.The laboratory has presided over and undertaken more than 30 projects of the National S… MORE

Project Laboratory

Hypoxia Medicine

Hypoxia Medicine

The Institute of Hypoxia Medicine, Capital Medical University, is the first specialized research institutions in this field in China. The major aims of the Institute are to understand the role of hypoxia-mediated impairment in the pathogenesis of the diseases and to improve people's quality of life and the operational capability in the special environmental condition. The Institute of Hypoxia Medicine was established in2004. Si… MORE